Another very blue image ive made
to which I've added the poem Arktos
Which reads............

Rouse with hunger or indifference

to a morning darker than the night

Shake the season from your fur and rise

to stand inseperable from the snow

Below the ice swim seals thick with blood

So shaking somnolence from your brow

you crawl like a man across the drift

smelling for prey, intentions sharp as stone

Wind of knives and fury born of stars

May not deter a giant built of ice and claws

Unless the sleep of solstices be on him

He, Son of Sedna and the Northern Waste

ByAri Berk

Away with the Fairies

Here is a pic I took of Ozzie today he looked as though
he was staring at something the faries maybe
one of the fairies is taken from this guy Marcus Ranum on deviant art
and the other from Tracie stock also on deviant art

Birthday flowers

Using New Raynox Close Up

more pics of loose

Used Canon 50mm low light

Jackdaw in the boabab tree

Fantasy put together using some stock images

A real cute mouse

this picture was from impulse stock on deviant art
I added a bit of texture .I just think its a cool pic,
looks like a blind little mouse


Inspirational Horse Photography

Beautiful Arabian horse Photography
By Polish Photograper
slideshow of his work
Wojtek Kwiatkowski

Memorial Day

Today is Remembrance Sunday in the uk

the day we stop and rember all those service men and women
who have given their lives for the peace and freedom
we enjoy today.
On this day people across the nation
pause to reflect on the sacrifices made by Them.
We wear the poppy as a sign of remembrance.

Service at Sudbury St Gregorys Sunday 9th November 2008

The Big Night out 2008

THOUSANDS of people enjoyed one of the county's most popular
fireworks extravaganzas last night.Long Melford's Big Night Out
was once again a massive success with vast crowds enjoying the
displays, set to a £40,000 sound system, with a backdrop of an
impressive bonfire, rides and stalls.

Takin a picture of me

There should be one 0f me in that camera, watch this space

Yes there it is a very blury one with a chopped off head
but here are a couple of better ones he took of sally and the boys

here is the final result of sally n the boys photo shoot,
a christmas present for Richard