Helpless from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

I really liked this and his other films, timelapse in a tiltshift style.

heres a tilt shift pic i made a while ago
( nearly a year ago looking at the date tim
e sure is flying)

Blue Bells

Most girls go shopping when they feel down,
not me I,d rather go the woods it cost nothing,
and I come back feeling much better than I did before I went

So thats what I did and here are some of the pics i took of the
bluebells when I was there.

Its that time of year again, love this time when when every thing looks so fresh and green,
I managed to get to the woods on friday, so calm and peaceful I love being there,
I could just chill under a tree and go to sleep, never see a soul,
a human one that is. just lots of birds singing , the odd fox or deer
and the sound of the wind through the trees,
you really notice how much air traffic is above you too .

of this years and last

Scrap page

Scrap book page a freebie from Lien

Some Digital Art

Been a bit bored lately so ive had a go at some digital art stuff

The Dogs

Heres a few pics of the dogs that I,ve created

Debbies Photoshoot

Debbie asked me to photograph her, for an application she is making, she is applying to be a film extra. when I arrived we had a chat about the sort of thing she was looking for, she basically needed a couple of straight forward portrait photos of herself head and shoulders and a full portrait. she also asked me if her little scottie dog could be in some of the shots too, as she wanted to include him with the hope that he would be taken in as an extra aswell, well what a fantastic couple, personally I think they will make great extras on telly, and I hope my photos have done the pair justice, here are a few of the arty shots I created during the shoot, probably not the ones she will be sending off, (I willl post them soon). the three pics ive posted here shows the lovely interaction that you get between a devoted dog and his owner friend.