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shades of Red


Another one of my animal portraits from todays photos of
Hen and Loose and using some texture and some waterclours
i made and scanned a while ago.

Red Diamond studded leaves

I found these beautiful red leaves in the autumn, where i work so
i brought them home and left them out in the garden overnight,
in the morning they had collected some beautiful silvery
dewdrops so i snapped some pics.
Today I found them in my files
and put together a composite of the best photos.



Here are some Logo ideas for
Bryans Record label sub zero records

and here some ive done for jason which he never got, sorry jason


This is not my photo but i think thit this is a brilliant
scary looking Sculpture so I posted him here he is
WEEE Man He is made from the amount of
waste electrical and electronic products that
an average UK citizen will throw away in a lifetime.
for more info on WEEE Man here is the link to the website

Into the Blue

Picture Taken In Felixtowe Mothers day Last year

Moby Into the blue

Geranium (A splash of pink in amongst the blue)

Latest Flower photos
also have some tulips.
will post soon


Photo Used : Stock from Demue2's Deviant art Gallery