Kayaking and Camping Weekend

We went Kayaking on the Stour Estuary with lees Aunty and her neighbours who own and take people out on the Kayaks. It was really good its so peaceful out there on the water i would recomend it to anyone who wants to unwind from the stresses of life, I have no photos of us actualy on the water, Ray who took us out there took loads so i am just awaiting his photos then i will post some here. The campsite we stayed on that night, we shared surrounded by 200 bikers from the Outlaws MC , it was just getting dark and we heard a roar of engines in the distance then they all appeared at once it was great seeing them all arrive,such a contrast to the peacefulness of the water. although there was a rock band and all i couldnt say that they disturbed me that night as i was pretty drunk, I took loads of pics of bikes and bikers in the morning most of them slept under the stars as the weather was great, there were a few of them asleep on the equipment in the kids play area. i got a video of them all leaving they left the same way the came in one big bunch it was really cool to watch such a buzz so many really loud meaty engines all off together, Ben loved it and was invited up onto a bike for a picture. I will post all of these below. And Ray and Kim and Fran if you read this thanks for a really great weekend will definitely want to do it again, the kids loved it to

on the shore ben and skipper


Kayaks on dry land

Bikes and Kayaks at the camp site

Ben gets a lift

Latest trip to the woods

Take nothing but

leave nothing
but footprints,
(tracks in my case)

kill nothing but time.

Been up the woods on my bike again took a few pics whilst i was there,the pond has almost dried out this year, it has been quiet dry this summer, unless it rains alot soon i wont be taking pics of the autumn leaves floating this time.

I had to get closer here at first i thought it was a headstone in the wood, getting closer i realised it was just a tree stump i did think it for a second, then i remembered the dream i had about finding my own gravestone in the woods. felt a little spooked for a moment.

Playing ketchup again !!!!

Im getting left behind again, We have done so much but i havent posted much of it here for ages, i suppose thats a good thing, it has been summer after all, and while the weathers still good its the best idea to be out there in it having good times, well that mixed with working and all the other projects ive taken on, and am working on, the list is ever growing but its all good there has been Felixtowe art on the prom, a few weddings, trips to the woods, dog walks and the latest Final camping trip of the year, which turned out to be a great fun weekend and a good note to end our summer camping trips with.



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