Consumption : How Inspiration killed, then ate creativity

From The Viget inspire blog Written by Owen Shiflett

This man has a good point and i thought it should be documented here too


No contraditction on Kizzy below intended

Kizzymakes films

Here is one of the Films made by Kiera Rose Riley she is truly an inspiration thats why I had to post her here

here is a some links to some info about her and what she does
Talent house Blog

And the link to her youtube Channel Kizzymakesfilm's

Facebook Creative compulsions


Can't believe I am still working here, I thought I was going with the beds but no, I have been re assigned from the kitchen to House keeping department, here are some photos I took just before I was about to go just as a reminder of the poor old building, but now I dont need reminding cause I am there with more hours than before.


A photoshoot a redeemed voucher from last christmas

I particularly liked this pic

Thought for the day

I am Currently reading the Door to December by Dean Koontz , and I came across a part in the book in which I can really relate to and many others will I'm sure. he has decribed so well the times we are living in now, I just had to write it down :

“He thought about the rapidly changing world in which he lived. A new world, a science-fictional society, was growing up around him with disconcerting speed and Vigour. It was both exhilarating and frightening to be alive in these times. Mankind had acquired the ability to reach the stars, to take a giant leap off this world and spread out through the universe – but he had also acquired the ability to destroy the entire race before the inevitable immigration could begin. New technology – like the computer - freed men and women from all kinds of drudgery, saved them vast amounts of time. And yet … and yet the time saved did not seem to mean additional leisure or greater opportunities for meditation and reflection. Instead, with each new wave of technology, the pace of life increased; there was more to do, more choices to make more things to experience, and we seized upon those experiences eagerly and filled up the hours that had only moments ago become empty. Each year life seemed to be flitting past with far greater speed than the year before, as if god had turned up the control knob on the flow of time, but that wasn’t right, either, because even the concept of god seemed dated and hopelessly fantastic in an age in which the universe was being forced to let go of its mysteries almost on a daily basis. Science, technology and change were the only gods now, the new trinity; and while they were not consciously cruel and judgemental, as the old gods had been, they were too coldly indifferent to offer any comfort to the sick, the lonely, and the lost.”


In the october Half TeRm we Saw Niomi & Drey 3 days in a row which was nice because we dont see them very often HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY NIOMI !!

its been a while

as I have been paying more attention to my other buisness blog and website ita about time I added something here on my personal site

The latest Halloween Pictures Ned,Ben Ruby, Jed, Grandad & pauline this year too