In full Bloom

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly,
our whole life would change.”

More plant life


It's a pretty big world God
And I am awful small
Everyday they rain down on me
Flower in a hail storm
Flower in a hail storm
Living for the drought
I can throw it back again
But then I play their game
Everyone is trying to bum me out


The Solitary swan, At Liston on Wednesday

Niomi,Drey n Ben

The Partys over You,re Nicked

An Icicle Kiss

I am the winter flower She said,
the opposite of the summer ones,
my blooms peak in deep snow,
and I weather hail sleet and angry gale.

part of the poem Icicle kiss byLonnie Hicks

A snow day

The boys got a day off school on monday cause we had a fair bit of snow
so we went to sallys and played in it, a great time was had by all,
even me and sally had a go at toboganing down the hill,
it was exilarating and great fun

A Winter Woodland

Watching us watching them
didnt have a telephoto lens on here but just about managed
to catch the deer in between the trees, not close up
but still a nice picture i like the distant bright light behind

got to take a walk up to the woods on tuesday
while the sun was shining sally came with me this time,
it was so peaceful there I love our local woods,
you never see anybody else about. a great place to go
to temporarily escape.

I made this scrap page using A Freebie template and some elements from
Lien who is a belgian scrapbook designer her work is so beautiful,
i love her simplistic style, the link to her blog is here


I bet that there are'nt many birds landing to feed on this bird table

The Ginger Tom Cat