A funny Little Man

He sure can pull some funny Faces

Glade Festival 2009 Matterly Bowl Nr winchester

We Made it to Glade this year and as always had a brilliant time worth all the hassle and preparation, we are now really skint but it was worth it.

Here are some of the pics and videos

Mr Tumnus? or was he the devil? seemed ok to me

this is George and below was His minute the sun setting
I think the only time we saw the sun all day,
but that was ok cause we had nowhere near the rain
and mud that we had at Glade 2007

The Horses

Ned and Loose win a first Prize

I entered ned and loose into the Melford Midsummer show dog show this year in the young dog handler class He came first here are a few pictures that i took on the day and some of the other contestants

Kids camping at smallwood green

We Decided to go camping one evening a few months back in may. may the 31st i think ( according to the exif on my files anyway)
here are the pictures from that little trip. The kids had a great time as always.

Being super Heros............

And eating Cake

Birds and Bees

OMG I have been so busy lately, have done so much work but not posted any of itso where to start, well here are some cool bee and duck pics i took way back in June at Rodbridge thats a good start