water drips and drops taken at photo club last meeting

The Silent Hunter -2

I made this a while ago now and found it again hidden in my files

I Dream of Spring !

I went to the woods the other day although cold i think spring is just around the corner now its been a long time coming this time round, be glad when the clocks go forward and we get more light

Camp update

Took Loose out the other day we went to rodbridge which was particularly flooded due to all the rain and snow we have been having the river path was completely flooded where the river had burst its banks, and the other side where the ponds are was also pretty inpassable unless you had waders on so i decided to go and have a look and see if the kids den was till up and yes its has been pulled apart a bit but the main structure is still in one piece and because of all the flooding it had its own pond/Lake right up to the back door, i didnt have my camera so i took some pics using the phone

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We are going to decorate soon and i have decided to paint some canvases for the living room and hallway, ive always loved watership down so have the idea of maybe using some of the pictures from the opening animation, as i really like the simple aboriginal type style . i think the neutral colours will go well although still not sure what colours we are going to paint yet, the hallway is already brown.


Large canvas for the living room