Take A look at this

Zeitgeist: The Movie - 2007 by Peter Joseph from ZeitgeistMovie.com on Vimeo.

we need to do something now or all this posted below will be a thing of the past no more festivals, playing in the river, camping, fishing or den making, none of that we wont be allowed .our souls, bodies and minds will be taken and owned by power hungry monsters.

We've got to get together and say no
do you want that for yourselves your children or your grandchildren ?

I don't
there are more of us than there are of them, so stop being brainwashed and look at whats really happening wake up, unite together and make a stand

turn off the telly its a brainwasher
take a look at some of the links below for more disturbing facts and information




http://www.theflucase.com/ this one is really disturbing and just round the corner please look we can do something about this. It needs to be reported as a crime asap

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQpkzQC-xKo Ive been a fan of David Ike now for sometime he makes more sense to me than a lot of people do and surprise surprise his words are becoming truer by the day hes not keeping it to himself hes out there spreading the word to whoever will listen he aint giving up.

sorry this post does not conform to my blog introduction as it says i will be concentrating on only the good things, this is not good its damn ugly but sure needs to be broadcast people need to know and need to be aware. whether they choose to believe or not its up to them you only have to look around you to see it. so much evidence.

and heres another i liked this one. the lions and wilderbeast footage was funny and the comments underneath interesting.

mainstream media wont tell you what you need to know, it will just fill your head with mindless distractions and propaganda. whilst gradually they take from us our freedom. you have a brain think for yourself find your own information theres plenty out there, make up your own mind i know I have and have done for some time

yes I am mad as hell and im not going to take this anymore

messing about by the river

eventually we got to go to Carolines on Wednesday the weather was wonderful, we went on a walk across country from Melton to Ufford where there is a really cool spot by the river the kids had a great time splashing about.

The Kids Camp

We Have been den Building this week, it started out as a fishing expedition and picnic at Rodbridge and ended in making a den and coming back the next day to complete it. Emily came with us on the first day a shame she couldnt make it Tuesday, cause i forgot my camera. here are some pics of the boys n loose in their shelter.

this is the back door

And here is the front door

some fancy knot work using some vines which were avalible. we didnt have any string but did find some elastic from somebodys discarded boxer shorts so we used that too. I wanted to use the least amount of man made materials as possible. we used one green plastic binbag for the roof and covered it with bark and thats it.

Neds Welcome sign

A nearby seesaw

I asked the boys to pose like this leaning in to the sides to show the strength of our shelter
it should stand up to quiet a bit as the main structure is pretty sturdy, I tested it all by leaning my weight into it. It will probably let some rain in but will provide some shelter from the elements I'm tempted to sleep the night. If id known it was gonna be such a big project we could have built it somewhere more out of sight, I wouldnt be surprised if it gets smashed up soon, I hope that it will be used by other kids rather than destroyed, hopefully its to far to walk for vandals. its sad that this is the mentality of some people. well I will keep posts of its progress should be interesting. The boys have been warned that this could happen.

Neds Guided tour