Red Pill Reich


As a nurse I am
shattering the myth of modern medicine.

Medical protocol is determined by what's most profitable, which means "managing" diseases with medication rather than curing them. This way people stay sick, and keep spending money to get well.

Since graduating with honors in 1990 from one of the top 10 nursing schools in the US, I have learned the inside truth about Western medicine - a truth that most doctors and nurses are totally unaware of. Like myself they chose their profession with good intentions, believing it was valiant, but this is a powerful deception hiding a villainous truth.


OH at long last here it is its coming boing boing

here are some spring shoots n flowers


I take pictures every year of This cherry tree, I gave it to Lee as a valentines gift probably our first one together, it lived in a pot for years moving from place to place and spent some time at my mum n dads while we lived in a flat in newmarket, when we eventualy moved to where we are now we planted it in the garden, here are this years pictures.


Her Dreams are like Balloons

Feeling fed up. weather is horrible and have no motivation or inspiration, well just a little so i made this colourful peice complete with poem to cheer me up
original photo can be found here
balloons here
ribbon here
poem by me

Andrew Evans

a photograper from Kent i discovered on flickr today who has captured the most wonderful magical images, well just magic !! the images just say it all

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Andrew Evans Photostream

graham handcock

he has some really interesting and good points
I'm currently reading his new Novel entangled, a compelling read