a splash of bright colour


I made this today from a photo of a leaf i took way back in october or november i collected these beautiful red leaves and then left them outside on an upturned blue washing up bowl to collect morning dew, only today did i drag a few files out for editing, i have brightened it all up and used some scanned watercolour paintings that i also did ages ago, and mingled them in along with a bit of texture and i used a mask from Liens blog. to finish and then gave it a frame using big huge labs which is a great place to do things with your photos.

A beautiful Gallery

This wonderful photograph is not mine but belongs to Monique from Belgium
here is the link to the rest of this gallery named

snowy pics

here are some snowy pis i took just before xmas i only had my phone, i wished id gone out more and used my proper camera but i spent before christmas ill during xmas ill again and then got a cold just in time for new years, i rarely get ill so this was not good i spent most of the holiday season and before in bed. did a lot of reading though that was good discovered again the joy of books, its just made me want to stay in bed reading for the rest of the winter a kind of hibernation.










all children are artists

ben was upset tonight he,s been trying to draw some cars but isn,t happy with the results he said" i will never be an artist" so i showed him this pic i took a while ago and some of picasso, dali and Magrites work, and told him hes just got to keep practicing, thats what i used to do, i used to doodle on all my books at school,im much better now than i was then but probably could be even better if i did more than i do,I tend to hone all my creativity into my photos these days, as its a more instant thing, i really should do more maybe i will now i have a bit more time.

we had a laugh at this one


its called the Rape but lee recons it looks more like Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
very baroque well the hair styles are very alike

Photo Restoration

Here is a photo that was given to me to restore in whichever way I wanted, the original picture had a very orange colour cast and was blown up large which showed up lots of grain and noise. so first I corrected the colour the best I could and then smoothed as much of the noise and grain as I possibly could, which was no easy job taking a few hours, even then it was still pretty grainy and noisy so I decided to have a go at a digital painting which would help to smooth out the final picture even more and add a more desirable background, and give it a more finished look, this picture will never be that great blown up large, but would probably look good about A5 size mounted and framed.