Bluebell rework

Here is a rework of my favorite bluebell pictures

Tour Of Britain 2010

a great opportunity to watch these wire men as they passed by our doorstep on their bikes in a flash of lycra.

here are some photos I took in melford and up Ballingdon Hill, Sally and I cycled to melford to catch a glimpse as the sped past and then quickly whizzed cross country via the railway track to catch them coming from Lavenham through sudbury and Up Ballingdon Hill, just about made it home cross country via kentwell hall to pick boys up from school. We had a good day !!

Favorite summer Flowers

Some flowers Taken at Sallys in Marjories Garden in August, all except the bees were taken using old lenses pentax takumar 50mm and a priacticar pentacon 70-200mm
Have enjoyed messing about with the old lenses they are manual focus only so its not so easy to get the shot you want most of the time but still fun and good practice.

And the Beans we planted earlier this year

Fungus in the wood

seem to be well behind on my personal blog here, last time i added something it all went wrong so i left it so here goes again
here are my latest woods pictures mostly fungi, lots of interesting fungus popping up everywhere i love this time of year !!

And finally my take on Alice in wonderland